To acknowledge open source contributions from these contributors and companies, we list them (in random order) acknowledging their CDNs, scripts, codes, fonts and web images along with the source URL. The script and code we use might have been modified to suit our requirements and needs.

CDN Credits:

  • CDN for JS and CSS by CDNJS
  • CDN for JS and CSS by JSDeliver

  • CSS and js Credits:
  • Cookie Consent by Osano
  • Web Fonts CSS and Images by FontAwesome

  • Github Credits:
  • Bulk Domain availability by abaron
  • Flags CSS, SVG and Images by Lipis
  • OpenVPN Bash Installer by Nyr
  • Payment Web Fonts CSS by Alexander Poellmann
  • Perl Looking Glass by Cougar The Perl Looking glass was the source for the PHP Looking glass by HSDN.
  • PHP Looking Glass by HSDN
  • Yet Another Bench Script by masonr aka Mason Rowe

  • Font Credit:
  • Montserrat Font by Google Fonts and Author Julieta Ulanovsky

  • Packages and Tools Credit:
  • Tawk Live Chat
  • IPv4 Blocklist by CSpace Hostings and IPVoid IP Blocklist Checker
  • Observium Open Source/Community Edition
  • Proxmox Open Source/Community Edition
  • Zabbix Open Source/Community Edition
  • Display IPv4 and IPv6 on our Scripts
  • Logotypes by Victor Ivlichev

  • We have compiled this list best to our knowledge, incase we have missed you (Our Apologies, Sorry!) please reach out to us and we will be happy to give you credit listing here.